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What Is A Goiter And What Does It Look Like

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" The art of sorcerers is to choose what being thin enough to consent. "

"I wanted to get away from the whistle

of past lies and the URL of the ancient eternal terrors that
most monstrous and magnifies the day
sinks beyond the hills of the deep sea ...
I wanted to get away but I fear
breath of life, yet not off, it could explode
the old lie burning at my feet,
and, bursting high in the air, turn off the look. "
Dylan Thomas
Each of us can make a movement from the visible to the invisible, staying within the field of human possibilities, but there 'is one who has done more and tried to go beyond even the world structured on a human scale. This advance over
all limits of the knowable, and shamanism, we can consider the final attempt of the mind to penetrate the unknown.
There has been a researcher, or maybe a dreamer, who claimed to be penetrated for 37 years in the magical vision of a lost civilization, first as an apprentice and then as a shaman, named Carlos Castaneda, and is one of the most famous writers of the world.
His work consists of thirteen books and a progressive form of initiation into the magical diary, a true testament to the esoteric, confusing manual of magic that has captivated millions of readers around the world.
His books are:
1971 - A Separate Reality
1972 - Journey to Ixtlan
1974 - Tales of Power
1977 - The Second Ring of Power
1981 - The Eagle's Gift
1984 - The Fire from
1987 - The Power of Silence
1993 - Art Dreaming of
1997 - Tensegrity
1997 - The Active Side of Infinity
1998 - The Wheel of Time.
Because they are an entire magic system, should be read one after another in their order. I'm not a novel, were not written to entertain, are the diary of an initiation, something slow and precarious, that not everyone can understand. We do not have enough
Castaneda elements to say whether there has actually described the magical system of the Toltecs, a people now gone from Mexico, which would make an exceptional document of his books sull'esoterismo old, or whether it has created out of nothing so imaginative a complex and systematic metaphysical . We do not have sufficient evidence of selection or assessment to assess his work, but on a thin, perhaps this clarification does not even matter and those who have already experienced a journey of magic in itself could be reflected in his descriptions that he knew something directly, even if only few can identify with all its magical view to the ultimate incredible experiences. In his thirteen books
Castaneda also builds a true philosophical system, a cognitive system of incredible power, that SFOR from the perception of everyday people to get into paranormal perception.
If this diary can also work for others as a prerequisite to the magic system, I can not say. I do not think sensitivity is a faculty that will develop by osmosis, by teaching or imitation, even though Castaneda has his master Don Juan, who introduced him to the perception of the magical world. Unfortunately in our western world there is no Don Juan, there are initiators of magic, there are only false teachers who do not teach any practical magic, they only sell smoke, making it much harder for us to understand that the world's boundaries are very more extensive than what we are accustomed to consider, and that our mind can go beyond itself and expand in ways unknown and fascinating.
Each initiation has its time and its mystery, but we live in a dry and soulless civilization, where the churches have lost their charism and spirituality and where man is only in the mystery of the universe, which includes some too small to be defined entirely human, but if the human being confronts the universe with the modesty of el'arrendevolezza neophyte, dropping disbelief and contempt for what they do not know or you do not understand, I believe that the 'universe will reward him by opening his mind in addition to limits of its known.
Some have a magical ability to birth, and who, like me, found himself suddenly immersed in a different perception of the world without knowing how this had happened, and that after a death foretold, it was miraculously found in the body and thrown at once in 29 years of paranormal experiences, and then suddenly has lost its magic returning to normal even without explaining how this happened.
We're here talking about a form of knowledge that opens only a few people, that retains its mystery, which is precluded by the majority and more often in our culture, is scorned and mocked the ignorance of the masses.
Having had experience with sensory, in spite of myself, in for 29 years, I found very interesting Castaneda and I found many correspondences between the things he said and my perceptions, although I have not reached their peaks and I struggled to understand his later books.
I also liked the way he described some perceptions, such as that of himself as an onion, or flaming energy surrounding human beings.
now some years have passed since I lost all of a sudden my right and sometimes I think I just dreamed of this very long period of shamanism natural, yet there was this to me and has attracted hundreds of people from all parts of Italy, people who wanted to be told, they wanted someone to put together their story in his way, people who wanted to find his center and be told why they had come to be born, what were their resources, and what was the job of their lives. Many of these people were desperate, some thought of suicide, and I hope I really helped them to understand, love yourself, to see a light in their future. Since many of these people I did not know anything, if any of them I read, I would like to tell me if the predictions about their future have come true and if the meeting with me has helped them in their lives then.
Castaneda died April 27, 1998, at 73 years, has lived away from the world and curiosity of the people, always surrounded by an aura of mystery. Only after her death he met his face, because his wife has published his photograph, was a man of whom nothing was known, but from his hermitage occasionally published a leg of his extraordinary personal diary, diary in around the world millions of loyal readers who read avidly. Castaneda was
Peruvian ethnologist and anthropologist at the University of California, a scholar of Western-style university.
In 1968, at age 43, went into the desert of Mexico (Sonora) to investigate a hallucinogenic plant, the mescal or meztcal, considered one of the 12 gods by the native Mexicans.
Castaneda then arrives in the Mexican desert to study the peyote. The expert is referred to as an old Yaqui Indian named Don Juan Matus , a yerbero, that is an expert on plants. India has the sun-baked face, very dark skin and deep wrinkles, her hair is short and white. At first speak a dialect absurd, then his speech becomes more fluid and accurate. Castaneda through an existential crisis. The Indian asks, "What do you know of knowledge? ", he replied that he has a university degree, but India does not speak for Qualifications, speaks of the direct knowledge of the world.
" know something of the world around you? Ever feel the world around you? You feel everything, otherwise the world loses its sense .
Agave mescal
begins the first lesson, change the perception may mean changing the meaning of life . When Castaneda
advances in doubt, the Indian says, "You talk like a fool. Want to hold on to your arguments even if you are of no use. You want to stay yourself or want to feel better? ... You're not complete. You have no peace. Think too much about yourself. And this gives you a strange fatigue and leave you nothing but trouble. "
A year later, Don Juan revealed to be a brujo, a sorcerer, a man of magical knowledge. Don Juan is a nagual, one of the latest initiative of the ancient Toltec magic knowledge. The two men are very different, but perhaps the sorcerer Castaneda sees something of the aura that makes him understand that it can take you as a student. A visionary, she knows when another may be visionary, there is an affinity for two of a similar nature can be recognized. So as a scholar outside Castaneda became a sorcerer's apprentice and begins to study "the art of shaping the universe."
Don Juan was a shaman. Shamanism is a set of beliefs spread throughout the world. 'Sha man' means man of knowledge, a man who knows, a man of knowledge, but also of power. The term 'shaman' comes from the Tungus in Siberia but its function is repeated unchanged in many nations of Asia, America, Oceania etc..
The shaman is a medium that in his community enjoys high esteem because he has superior cognitive abilities, is a healer, a priest and messenger of the spirits.
We are surrounded by intelligent energy, invisible, spiritual forces aware of it, which can be evoked and controlled, and they are in other dimensions, parallel to ours. The shaman is an interdimensional traveler , a being of extraordinary power that can enter in these other worlds and to contact the alien forces that inhabit it, is an intermediary between dimensions, using the mental journey or moving energy to draw or express authority, to have true knowledge of the world or to increase the well-being.
Carlos begins his journey of initiation with the wizard, a magical journey into the Toltec, the ancient shamanism, as it was handed down through long generations.
with various rituals over time, shamans have perfected the art of reaching a state of heightened awareness, where you can move the energy and contact alien worlds.
Initiation of Castaneda and his last 13 years application will last 37 years in shamanism, beyond the master's death.
Castaneda is the last student, the one that closes the series of Toltec shamans. He was not chosen by the sorcerer, but by the impersonal forces of the universe. So Castaneda advances in the system of esoteric knowledge and his books describe the stages of his initiation. First, the sorcerer's
causes rapid changes in consciousness with three psychotropic plants, peyote, and Psylocybe herba del diablo, a hallucinogenic mushroom, then teaches techniques developed to deconstruct the mind and put it on a new perception of reality.
ingesting peyote, Castaneda put into a state of reality changed.
Don Juan explains that hallucinations but did not see the practical aspects of another reality. The mescal leads him to see certain powers, mescal is a teacher who disconnects the consciousness from the body, but what I feel is so absurd that Castaneda does not have categories to understand and should find ' new units of meaning'.
psychotropic plants to show quickly that there is not one reality but many.
In his lengthy diary for 37 years, Castaneda accurately described everything that happens between him and the sorcerer with the gradual opening up to new levels of reality. First and spectators those worlds, then slowly becomes the protagonist, that is, you witch, coming into the separate reality.
His thirteen books should be read in order, like chapters of an apprenticeship and form one of the most original of the world, the study of the magic of a lost civilization through the experience of modern man, a progressive journal, very detailed, that opens little by little attention to the existing structure of a narcotic drug, through a changed perception, a parallel reality.
We have many writings on Taoism, Tantrism, Lamaism, but we know nothing of magic and Toltec, Castaneda's books if they were true, we are here for the first time an entire system Shamanism, the testimony of a wisdom that has now disappeared, a unique book of its kind.
Don Juan is a strange character, brusque but loving, but also mocking the patient, gradually leads the U.S. on the threshold of another world possible. Castaneda is the perfect student, stubborn, persistent, deep, obedient, brave. The environment is the rocky desert hills of northwestern Mexico, a place primitive and poor, barren and scary, with dry brush, hot sunshine, coyote, snakes, eagles ... The other characters in the diary are poor and emaciated Indians, especially women indie wild personality from powerful, real scary witches can for further processing terrible.
Castaneda says: "Don Juan threatened my idea of \u200b\u200bthe world." The sorcerer the deconstructionist. What we call 'reality' is''not an objective fact that we only receive but a mental construct, the result of a historical development of social thought, the result of culture and custom, in which even the most basic modes of perception are conditioned.
We do not receive the objective perception of the world, but we build a world for social and cultural induction. The tree we see is not the tree as it is but an interpretation of mental structuring, a historical interpretation and personal and the whole world is an infinite source of interpretation.
"We distracted glances at things but we know very little of the entire flow of energy that comes from them ... Everyone looks, but few see. They are the visionaries ... The shaman is a man who puts his whole self into what he does and whatever he does he does for knowledge. Each follows the shaman's way of knowledge. Maybe I know dancing, but then dance like a common man will dance with everything he has, and dancing will be his particular way of knowing, of being in the energy . "
All that we are, everything we see, the use of the more common, everything is learned, is the result of a continuous imprinting that has been exerted on us. We are structured and programmed like a computer, so learn to use our functions, our bodies, our minds in a way pre-cultural and not in another.
This produces a certain view of reality.
Don Juan Castaneda as shows that perception is relative. But, to change the ordinary vision, we must first change its behavior, let go to a new mobility and lightness.
"You are scared - Don Juan tells him-because you feel too damn important. Feeling important makes it heavy, clumsy and vain. A man of knowledge must be light and fluid .
Our mind creates the configuration of a possible world, one of the infinite worlds perceptible, but people of different culture or tradition can perceive different realities . If we compare the visions of cultures that are very far apart in time or space differences are rising, and there are huge differences between the ordinary vision of the world and a shamanic vision.
While the common man uses in a superficial sense, drawing little to the flow of energy that form the case, the shaman seeks to achieve a complete reality, live energy, tapping into a universal force that is very difficult to define Don Juan calls the intent, " something that does not belong to the physical senses or to the brain and transcends the world as know ... a huge and indescribable force of the universe. "
The intention is a direct instrument of knowledge energy from the direct view of it from our energy body. "The body - says the wizard is a unit-energy, wave, and with it we can perceive other bodies as energy units . "
The wizard uses cognitive tools other than ordinary and feels really different, moving from one world to another, which is also coherent and intrinsically necessary, proving that what we believe objective reality is just a building mental, one of many possible. We will never know what the energy themselves, we can only know how our thought constructs the world. Changing the coordinates finding opens alternative worlds.
We construct a certain kind of reality, but we could build more. There is nothing objective in what we perceive. The reality is the result of a mental programming . If you change the program, change the perception of reality. Sometimes we are able to make this change, other times it just happens, without which we have done nothing to implement it.
Magic is the power to communicate with other . " May" is an ancient root meaning "power ", " power." The sorcerer, as the shaman, as a yogi or guru, is a "man of power . We have not been here only a system of knowledge, but a system of power.
" Magic is a state of heightened awareness. And 'the ability to conceive something beyond the ordinary perception ... There is no need to teach magic. You only need to convince us that a master dell'incalcolabile power we have at your fingertips . "
The transition from feeling like habit of perception as a journey is a beautiful but dangerous event. Modify the program can lead to madness and mental the psychic disintegration.
Even a fool perceives other groups, like an addict or an alcoholic, the difference with the shaman is that crazy or toxic ol'alcolizzato are dominated by their visions as the shaman controls them.
But to get in the way of control should be a teacher, so we are moved by forces that do not destroy.
Power is creative but also destructive, it is a terrible energy which limits the border with madness, with the death, with no return. Woe to those who attempt with insufficient forces and weak mind control to force the world of perception with drugs taken outside the context of a shamanic ritualized! I do not expect a great adventure but the disintegration of his mind. The sensory display the aura of toxins such as gray and dead. The drugs, in particular chemical and kills the vital energy in the place of visions and hallucinations producing pathogens.
initiation are moved the boundaries between matter and spirit, subject and object, inside and out, thick and thin energy, as in Tibetan or Tantric Buddhism, which involve large de-structuring of psychic reality.
It starts with seemingly natural techniques and you get to profound transformative effects.
Under the guidance of the wizard, Castaneda is open to new perceptions and experiences become strange, abnormal, alien, the produce nausea and disorientation and a real terror, while Don Juan laughs at him and his ignorance. First
Castaneda helps with Mescalito, then learn ritual for changing the working of the mind without drugs. This requires a strong commitment, it is a way where you can experience only to be witnesses or protagonists.
The wizard says, "For me there is only walk along paths that have a heart / I walk along this s the only evidence that is crossed in its full length"
(y prueba which is the only instance Crossing up to off!) "And here I walk and look, out of breath" (y por recorro you, aiming, aiming right Aliento!
) "there is only the beginning
contemplation, merely watching. You can not do anything, you look at the direction of the road and gives testimony of what you see. On several occasions, the sorcerer enters Castaneda modified states of consciousness that do not really feel ordinary.
Castaneda penetrates into other beings, animals or plants, crows or peyote, learn to fly or become invisible.
The Allies and the energy that it takes a form of animal or plant to open his other experiences.

Here we find an Indian equivalent of the siddhi of the 4th chakra or heart chakra: to be invisible, enter the body of a animal, fly ...
The first test seems simple: the two are on the patio of the poor house of the witch and they told Castaneda to look for "her" place, the place where you feel strong and sure, and then it goes. This seems nonsensical, Castaneda takes 6 hours to try, in the few square meters, this "his" place of which he has no idea. You put in all positions, lies down, rolls, feeling foolish and tired, but not yield. Eventually, by dint of twisting and look up and down and sideways, sees two points in the air above the floor, a small green light emitting energy (good) and a small red luminescence (bad energy). When is the second point he feels bad, the hair stands on end and his hands become clawed. But in the first falls into a deep sleep. The site is the place of his good health, the mere fact of being there makes him feel good, increase his knowledge and his balance. His obstinacy
patient had a result, the award of research will be all the time "see" the energy. But no progress is easy. There are advances that come after years of effort. Carlos
scared and then the witch doctor tells him: "So you afraid of? There's nothing new about being afraid. Do not think about your fear, think about the wonders of seeing. Your reason is not fear .. The best way to live is to live like a warrior. Worried and think before making a decision, but once decided to follow your way free from worries or thoughts. There are still millions of other decisions to expect. " Another
obstacle is the attachment to the ego, when you try to bring everything to themselves the road ends and the journey does not proceed, the movement towards oneself is against the forward movement.
There is a progressive force in the mind but also a conservative force. The development requires a degree of depersonalization . One must be able to leave behind the old man and I is not easy.
Don Juan is a master of the magic of the Toltecs, a civilization of great warriors warrior, then teaches his pupil to "become a spiritual warrior " train as if it were to go to war, and teaching him to be " alert, with proper awe, respect and absolute sincerity" . To proceed
the initiate needs "an ally", but the drug is not a good ally, Mescalito is fast, produces rapid movements of consciousness, but it is treacherous and dangerous, it is manageable, we must arouse a "ally inside" a particular provision of energy, intent, intent only take the man beyond the boundaries of self, opening the contact with a universal energy , but this is a long and patient work that no one has want to do, because everyone is lazy, does not like to work on himself and look for miracles fast and cheap.
miracle Faster, more inconsistent. What does not change in the depth does not change at all. But humans are impatient and the search is difficult, it is a work of patience and persistence, that only few can bear. The adept is just what is stronger than the others, undertakes longer, gives everything himself, remains humble, do not lose at the first hurdle, it never stops. only his patience and purity will reach the end of an esoteric knowledge, that is limited to a few, unspeakable, interior modifications, a knowledge core, non-transferable and inexplicable. Everything
of great value implies a large cost in terms of energy, and cost of real property does not have a budget price, is a cost that involves inner and heart, requiring total dedication, long training, ability to deal with the pain and great patience.
When Castaneda is "his" place in the patio, has created a personal victory. The sorcerer could say immediately what was the right place, so that had affected him from the start with a small stone, but the good teacher is not what gives the solution, is what drives to look for it. The novice should be looking for what does not fit into his life experience into his life, the research is part of the result, and without personal research is not anything that makes sense. only what comes from our labor, from our mistakes, our effort, it becomes "power", and that is the only "know" because it is the living power of energy.
Sometimes power and power mix and we have evil sorcerers, very powerful but very dangerous, they can rip off other people and make them slaves, but treacherous fascinating creatures such as snakes. The teacher should not be pleasant. The teacher must be tough, so will miss the fake students.
The path of initiation that the student has to make is very difficult and involves loss of all its security, its extreme instability, so the fear of death . Knowledge is terrible, but what is more terrible to see a man without knowledge, because he lives vegetating in a deep sleep, in a state of nescience, similar to a living death. A man without knowledge is a man without a soul, can have power over the world but has no power over her own world and then act against the man because he deceives himself and falls asleep. The man who has spread the true knowledge instead of just the power and exercises it on himself and in helping others.
The man lives to learn, is the goal that took the lot but never learns what is expected to find.
Every step towards knowledge is a new effort into the unknown, in the transmutation of himself and thus in the abandonment of what is no longer needed. For this reason many stop at the first thing you learn to become fanatics of that, with a new form of roots. Learning is hard work, the effort is greater than beauty, but if the man runs away from this task, or fear, or tiredness, laziness, superficiality and arrogance, will never see the beauty.
The initiate must challenge the fear of change and death, must overcome inertia, to overcome the poverty, build a stronger intent, only then will purchase the true awareness and become a true warrior.
Another obstacle is POWER , namely the use of power to manage others and increase their EGO. Only he who rejects the external power to the spiritual power and realize that he is only an instrument of energy, will become "Man of Knowledge .
Only at the end will be highlighted "the devised," the elect, who has been chosen, the initiate.
be warriors is a form of self-discipline in which the man has deep respect for everything that pertains to knowledge "because in its path compared with the unknown and is himself a Unknown. "
Fear is necessary because it gives the sense of the greatness of what you are doing, and who is not afraid of unconsciousness, the fear generated respect for life and necessary as death.
The initiate is one who is going to change and death is the supreme obstacle to change that all the changes, but without them there is no growth, no evolution. Any change in our
eats small dead, no longer what it was before to become more advanced than what we were.
For this the beginning knows that death walked beside him, and that must become die. "In his way the warrior is alone and proceed carefully, beyond its limits, balancing dread and admiration. "
" But why enter into parallel worlds? "asks Castaneda and Don Juan says," Because you're a magical creature of awareness, whose evolutionary journey was temporarily interrupted by outside forces that have turned men into suspension and have fixed them in their turn around "because we we start from the narrow confines, but the absolute aim, since we are creatures of light. Energy
internal and external can join by creating the unexpected. The purpose of the trip is to broaden of consciousness.
Don Juan says that there is a concrete part in witchcraft, rituals and techniques, and some abstract, which is the pursuit of freedom, the freedom to feel unconditionally all that is possible to perceive, to perceive the energetic essence of things to see.
does not really matter that the traveler is already a psychic, mind you come to the purity of the warrior, with the proper working of time and with the totality of himself. It is he who moves towards knowledge, is the knowledge that he seeks and finds that it remains pure. He should be fluid, flexible and not rigid, capable of abandoning the perceptual and cognitive patterns, and leaving open the distorted reflection of his ideas must be abandoned to the new that is revealed, keeping alert but flexible, patient but firm approach, putting aside what they do not understand and let you do so in clear need of the time.
His duty is impeccable.
The action is significant if more modest strengthening its flawless.
Impeccability mean perfection. With the perfection
energy is focused and becomes a formidable force that reaches the knowledge, and knowledge means nothing if it does not become 'power' that is transformation.
Perfection means caring about what you do and never be superficial, scoundrels, hurry, impatient or lazy.
Whatever must be done well.
Shamanism is a magic system. word here can produce a lot easier if it becomes pure energy, while the system is more wisdom died if he falls into a dead soul.
But if the external power and internal power supply can meet and come great things.
word or action or ritual are not magic per se, but only if they enter into the fire of the soul and transform.
wafer is only flour and water, is only bread, but assumed by the host during the Mass was pure in his soul a great cathartic force. Nothing soulless. The world soul is a dead thing.
The sorcerer Castaneda teaches to "CHANGE THE LOOK" shortening focus: setting the air must walk or watch with one eye, so as to capture the subtle flashes of what is moving out from our visual range.
In this way you can begin to see the luminescence surrounding the physical bodies, namely the subtle breezes. If the warrior
cancels their personal history, their expectations, their own ego patterns, habits of interpretation, the ordinary perceptions ... if you close and open, brave and patient, then can happen to him to overcome space and time and the appearance of things and can become what he really is: a being of light in a brighter world. See
energy is to see 'with' energy and what appears is the shining body of life.
" When the man will free his awareness from the bonds of social order, the intent will start on a new evolutionary path .
We are one step away from the world. Between us and the true reality is the VEIL OF MAIA, referred to by the Indian traditions, the task is to pierce the veil absolute energy that separates us so contact them directly.
No one is born a warrior, warriors, and slowly becomes not just a life. For this task we use a lot of intelligence.
The sorcerer Don Juan teaches: "We think with the head which is the center of reason, but we feel with the heart." The will is under the navel " We dream with the right side and left side we see with ."
Only experience will convince the acts of will and reason will lead us to see what we really are: beings of light, perceptive, aware, and unlimited ...
The world of apparent objects, the world as There appears, is only a representation but not part of the story, it's just 'one' construction of the mind in which we are trapped so that then we are unable to get out to see things in another way, and when we happen to have flash different perception of, discard or remove them because they are not inserted in the order known. But the world we perceive is illusory because it is artificial.
"We, the wizard says, we are born with two rings of power, reason and will, if we use only the reason for creating a world, then it does not want others to do the will can only experience that can open up knowledge in different ".
The wizard will use in a magic way, like a sword of power in a world of energy, changing your vision.
The reality is composed of two parts, the tonal and the nagual .
The Tonal is the principle of consciousness, which in the newborn is only potential, grow, I gradually build the world, the Tonal is the principle organizing, coding and configuring the objects of knowledge, is the ego that knows that the principle of consciousness with its content. The Tonal
takes the absolute reality of the material and processes, transforming it into personal representation, ordered chaos, and the emptiness of the world draws indifferentiation known reality. Without
Tonal nothing of what we call the world exists, it is the energy that creates the world as knowledge and object known. But at some point becomes jealous and totalitarian, and claims that all reality is what has drawn, as if it were required that a spider his web encompassed the entire world.
All that we are, everything that we have a name, anything we do or know and tone.
But we can not claim that it exhausts the totality of the whole.
The construction made by the key, that is from our principle of conscience, begins with birth and ends with death. The
Tonal serves to create the world according to their own laws, but became increasingly despotic and absolutist.
The Tonal is what I know, is the island of my conscience, my reality, all the contents of consciousness, the action continues construction of reality. The Tonal
existence at all we are and we know.
This set of knowledge is like an island, the island is a slice of reality that we believe the total. Some larger context, others less so, the islands are not alike, and each sees only its own, has its own area of \u200b\u200bknowledge.
The Tonal is like a table set up where some have more things, others less so.
The Nagual is the unknown instead, everything with which we do not have to do, we do not know, do not even imagine, everything that falls outside our awareness, which is not focused on our look, thought thinking outside of ourselves, the part of reality for which we have no perception or description, or word or suspicion.
All this happens in or around the mind. But the mind is an element of the table and the soul is an element of the table and even thoughts are part of the table. Even God is on the table, when I think of God
The tonal is everything that I think the world, including the self and God is the totality of the thoughts I think, knowing what goes on in my mind.
The Nagual is instead what they are not conscious, the thought that out of me thinks, the reality for me unconscious, all that does not appear within my sight, that does not fit into my consciousness, beyond the dark reality the threshold of perception and every idea.
Each of us has an area of \u200b\u200breality inhabited, controlled and known, an island with its borders, but Warrior transcends the borders, will enter the Nagual, becoming 'nagual' himself, then shaman, addressing the unknown.
The Nagual is the energy which may be a service of the warrior, who may be witnesses but they can not speak, and why is not on the table but outside it. There the power soars.
the instant of birth we are all Nagual, unconscious reality, then the patient Tonal begins its work to define the world, to cut the island's well-known. From the ocean initial
unconscious begins to identify a control area that is the reality of our consciousness at the end of this grows and develops so as to deny that the ocean unknowable exists and the will to believe he will not be afraid.
But the Warrior leaves each side faces the ocean and safe, is immersed in total knowledge at the risk of being overwhelmed, because the Warrior knows that our island is a really small compared to the absolute reality and the Warrior, above all else, is curious. Curiosity overcomes fear in him. Why do this? Because the pain of not knowing is too strong for him, since it runs its own limitations, a love of unrestrained freedom.
When we live only in what we are, without going over, we end up suffering a sense of incompleteness, of insufficiency, a concern that sometimes becomes agonizing , we are depressed and anxious, something calls us beyond the familiar, we suffer a sense of loss.
not easy living alone in Tonal, because our nature is infinite, and yearns for something that is over, she longs to infinity.
If this path does not, something dies within us, and we're not experiencing more We are vegetating, we fall back on ourselves in the repetition of our knowledge, we cease to evolve.
The man has three faculties, the ability to create, maintain and change. If
remains at a level of mere conservation, something inside him begins to suffer and die.
Love is the first form of transformation, knowledge is another great way, the shaman will what he does as a way of the heart, which involves not only his mind but his whole being. On
who introduced him pursue his love through various means: the cure of the disease, liberating education, protection against dangerous forces in the evolution of energy, because each building is death.
Every culture has done nothing but take care of Tonal and Nagual called many things: conscious and unconscious, matter and spirit, world and God, Atman and Brahman, or Tonal Nagual, and I do not I ... We are able to do for couples only what appears on the tablecloth, but basically there is no pair, no or Tonal Nagual, the reality is one, or energy that is not appears.
The Nagual Nagual do not see him but he calls us, we miss it, it is above all this sense of absence, his presence is the absence as the unknown God of which St. Augustine says: "When I did not know you, my whole being had thirst for you, you were this thirst."
As Jung had written on the front of his house: "aut Vocatus not vocatus aderit Deus", "Called or not called God will present"
We can not say what the Nagual, as well as a Taoist can not say what is the Tao and "The Tao called Tao is no longer Tao "because this would place it on our table, we will be naming him other than self. Would not it be the unknowable.
also in Tibetan Buddhism the world we know is a virtual reality, a projection of thought. The thought process can create worlds and can take groups or of different realities that correspond to mental processes, but each world is basically a mental construct, an ideal reality.
The world's appearance or performance.
The common man believes that this alone is the objective reality and all other reality is virtual, but the shaman knows, because the experiments, the reality may be many and all can seem real and objective.
In Tibetan Buddhism the wheel of life is divided into six segments, each of which corresponds to a sphere of reality, which is both a kind of existence and a type of representation, each is both a way of see the world and a world.
What is determines what one sees and vice versa.
Each band of thought, ie each vibrational band, find a position of energy and a kind of perceived reality.
The six vibrational bands Buddhist symbols are six ways that the original energy can vibrate. Any vibration that creates beings see the world in a certain way, and therefore live in different worlds.
These six bands are called Loka and are hell beings, hungry ghosts, animals, men, jealous god, god of heaven.
" One day, near a river, met the representatives of the six Loka. Everyone saw something different: to be hell saw fire and ice, the hungry ghost saw flesh and blood, the animal animals and fish, man drinking water, the battlefield is a jealous god, the god of heavenly paradise light. Each second saw what ee saw the world as he was . "
Castaneda Toltec I speak of 48 forms of organized structure, each with a color prevailing energy, eg. the aura of the plants is yellowish-pink, the insect is greenish ...
The human aura has fluorescent colors, strong but subtle, like the colors of the neon light. The prevailing tone and even easier to see, because of its higher intensity, is golden and that is why radiation is called the human aura, the golden light.
The seer sees the colors of awareness as shades of amber, a light pink or green or blue, like lightning or fires pale, fluorescent or evanescent, flash rapid and persistent, movements or flickering. With some training
the look is possible for us to wake up this second view, at least with regard to the radiation belts closer to the frequency of the material body.


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